Cindy's World


Although you’re going to learn a lot more about Cindy and the important people in her life, we would like to introduce the main characters.

Becky Walker

  • Age: 46
  • From: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  • Profession: bank employee
  • Family: divorced, two daughters Susie and Cindy
  • Hobbies: gardening and cooking

Becky lives with her two daughters in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Although she does not like her job in a bank, she is glad to have it. She loves her daughters and is especially proud of Cindy. Becky is divorced, her former husband Frank left the family three years ago. Her hobbies are gardening and cooking - they are vegetarians and she is a really great cook.

Will she always have time and advice for her daughters?

Jim Bradshaw

  • From: Boston
  • Profession: studies medicine at Boston University
  • Girlfriend: Cindy

  • Miscellaneous: helps Susie with math and biology

Jim is Cindy’s boyfriend and he studies medicine at Boston University. He wants to be a doctor, in particular a cancer specialist, because he had to watch his mom die of cancer when he was sixteen years old. During the week he lives in a dormitory in Boston, but on the weekends he comes to Portsmouth to see Cindy and his father. He and Cindy have been together for four years now and Jim loves her so much that he would do anything for her. Jim wants to spend the rest of his life with Cindy. Will his dream come true?

“Hi, Angel! How’s my princess today?”

Dustin Richardson

  • From: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  • Profession: student at New England High School
  • Miscellaneous: Jenna’s brother, he loves to play video games

Dustin is the younger brother of Cindy’s best friend Jenna. Since his parents barely have time to for him - and his friends are few - he spends most of his spare time playing video games. In school he is in serious trouble, because two of the students continually pick on him. There seems to be nobody at home to whom he can talk. Will the bullying ever stop? Is there a way out of these problems?

“...they might beat me if Dad talks to the principal about them!”

Susie Walker

  • Age: 16
  • From: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  • Profession: student at New England High School
  • Hobbies: basketball and listening to rap music
  • Miscellaneous: Cindy’s little sister

Susie often lives by her own rules. Learning and going to school are not her favorite pastimes, which becomes obvious when you see her grades. She is anxious to leave Portsmouth after graduation and to move to Los Angeles or New York, in order to become a WNBA player. But will she graduate and will her dreams come true? We will see.

“I don’t like Porstmouth, it is so boring, so mainstream!”

Cindy Walker

  • Age: 20
  • From: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  • Profession: Student at University of New Hampshire
  • Boyfriend: Jim
  • Best friend: Jenna
  • Hobbies: Karate
  • Miscellaneous: her parents are divorced, she lives with her mom Becky and her sister Susie

Cindy’s parents are divorced, so she lives with her mother Becky and her sister Susie in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She studies at the University of New Hampshire at Durham. Her major is psychology, because she loves to learn about people and why they do the things they do. Cindy has got a scholarship which pays the tuition, but she also has to deliver newspapers in the morning to have some spending money. She and her best friend, Jenna, often meet at the Student Union for lunch. Twice a week Cindy goes to her karate lessons which she loves. On the weekends she sees her boyfriend, Jim, who is studying medicine in Boston. Cindy loves her life just the way it is, but will it always stay like this?

“I love karate – it makes me feel strong and powerful!”


  • Profession: the Richardsons’ housekeeper, she mainly takes care of Jenna’s little brother, Dustin
  • Miscellaneous: has problems with the English language but she cares about the Richardsons

Cecilia is an illlegal immigrant from Guatemala and lives with the Richardsons as their housekeeper. Although she has been living in the United States for quite a while, she is very insecure speaking English. Since nobody else does, she also takes care of Dustin. Sometimes she is like a mother to him. Will she ever be able to get a legal status or will she be detected or even deported?

“Dustin muchas problemas. Miss Jenna, you must come, you must por favor, si?”

Jenna Richardson

  • Profession: studies mathematics and physics, wants to become an astronaut
  • Hobbies: her Ford Mustang and her horse Horace
  • Miscellaneous: Cindy’s best friend

Jenna is Cindy’s best friend. She studies mathematics and physics at the University of New Hampshire. When she has finished studying she wants to work for NASA and become an astronaut. She has a horse named Horace and her own car, a silver Ford Mustang, of which she is very proud. Her life seems to be that of a wealthy, well-educated college student. But there are clouds on the horizon…

“Cindy, you are making a real mess of your life.”

Don Robineau

  • From: Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota
  • Miscellaneous: Cindy’s new neighbour, a Native American

Don just moved to Portsmouth and is the new neighbour of the Walkers. A Native American, he is trying to start a new life away from the reservation. He gives Cindy a ride when her car breaks down. They get to know each other…

“Pleased to meet you, Cindy. Hop into my car and let’s go!”

Dr. Richardson

  • From: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  • Profession: doctor at Portsmouth Hospital
  • Miscellaneous: he’s always at work

Dr. Richardson, Jenna's and Dustin's father, works as a doctor at Portsmouth Hospital. Because of his demanding job, he’s rarely at home, and when he is, he’s generally doing paperwork.

Alltough he barely knows what is going on in his family, he is trying to hold everything together. But some things in the lives of his kids require more than a part-time-dad.