Learning Tenses

with Cindy

Dear Students,

Imagine that in your English lessons you learn to use the tenses correctly while, at the same time, having lots of fun!

What if it were possible to become more and more proficient in English by working with a cliff-hanger soap opera, full of unexpected twists and turns! A soap opera full of the big and little events that life is made of, that deals with the problems of growing up in a fast-paced world – why shouldn’t this be possible?

We, the author and publisher of this book, think it’s high time for a new generation of textbooks! Learning Tenses with Cindy represents a totally new approach to learning English tenses – that’s what the students who have worked with it tell us! One class liked the book so much that they even turned it into a play for which they composed their own music! And while they were having fun learning, they finally understood the English tense system...

We invite you to get acquainted with our soap opera and to use it to improve your English – both in school and at home!

Sincerely yours,
Beatrix Loghin and Friedrich Schönweiss

Dear Teachers,

It’s every teacher’s dream to be able to give their students exactly what they need in order to make progress. Unfortunately, this is hard to realize in everyday life, as you know all too well. Students have different levels of proficiency, and meeting each student’s individual needs is an awesome undertaking! And to top it all off, teachers have to motivate students to work with textbooks which they find boring and irrelevant to their lives!

Learning Tenses with Cindy is a textbook which helps students learn and/or refresh their knowledge of the English tense system with themes that reflect the interests of today’s youth and the challenges they face, from bullying at school to problems at home with parents, siblings or friends.

This is a textbook which takes young people and their fears, worries and triumphs seriously. Learning Tenses with Cindy can serve different functions in the classroom: as a textbook for an English course, as a supplement to another textbook or as a book to use for substitute lessons which can be taught in a fun and easy way with little preparation.

Several years in the making, Learning Tenses with Cindy is the result of intense research and collaboration on the part of Beatrix Loghin and a team of dedicated colleagues at the Oberstufenkolleg in Bielefeld.

We hope you enjoy working with this book in whatever form is suitable for you and your students and that you find it an enriching experience!

Sincerely yours,
Beatrix Loghin and Friedrich Schönweiss